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Are You Curious?

So you maybe asking, what’s QC Find Now All About?

How can QC Find Now benefit my business?

What are you providing that I don’t already have?

How are you different from other online directories?

Why Are you Not Free when other similar services seem to be? understands this idea isn’t new and in fact has been covered by some well known nationwide services, that you may feel do a lot of the same thing for FREE (well sort of)…They like to target and sell to the businesses that perform really well on their sites with reviews and then charge them fees that are far from free and can be quite expensive to be able to maintain.


We are completely different because we are 100% locally based right here in the Quad Cities. Meaning you can visit with us in person if you’d like and we can personally identify with your business needs being we are servicing the same local community we live in.

Our biggest priority is helping YOU the Local business create an online presence, that will allow your local targeted customers see who you are quickly, simply and easily.


QC Find Now Connect
QC Find Now Connecting with Locals

Remember our Mission is to connect locals with locals in supporting one another.

This is no longer a world where placing your name, number and address in a phonebook or printed ad as being the effective or preferred method for customers to able to find you. I mean, lets be honest here, when was the last time you opened a phonebook? Am I right?

In today’s Market it’s all about the conveniences of what the World Wide Web can offer us and so it’s critical that businesses keep up with this standard. Otherwise it’s too easy to fade into the background and not be found by the people in need or in search of the very products and or services that you provide.


Please you need to understand, it’s not a customer’s job to find you…it’s your job, as a responsible caring business owner to provide a simple way for your customers to be able to find you!

QC Find Now
QC Find Now

QC Find Now is designed with you the local business owner in mind. Our passion is to be able to connect our locals right here in the Quad Cities, to your business.


Now, you maybe asking how is setting up an online business profile with QC Find Now able to do this?


First of all, our listings allow you to have complete control over the content you would like to share with your potential customers.


Content is the new Currency
Content is the new Currency


It is said with Modern Day Marketing that “Content is King”…it is also described as “Content being the new Currency” and it couldn’t be more accurate.

Our online platform gives you the ability show all of your best assets and “content” at a glance which is critical when having only seconds to grab a potential new customer’s attention.


If you think of your listing as a Storefront window you can better understand the potential value you have with creating a powerful online profile.


Online Storefront Window
Online Storefront Window


If you envision places like Le Claire or Galena, where there are several stores lined up right next to the other…it’s not about competing against each other but more about being able to draw in people with their thoughtfully designed window displays. A store only has mere seconds for a person to determine if he or she wants to step into their store. It’s no different online.

QC Find Now is your ability to create your Storefront Window online.


We are not ONLY providing the means but the way, as we are developing a team to be able to create that perfect dynamic online storefront window for you. Which allows your customers to see you on a deeper level in a single glance and a wanting to connect with you one on one basis.


How you might ask???? Great question!


To start with we have an incredible photographer that will work with you directly to take professional high quality photos of your place of business. He will be able to capture the essenence of what your business is all about and tell the story of how well you are serving our local community. He can take profile shots, so customers can identify with who they will be working as well as crystal-clear, beautiful product images that show a customer precisely what they are getting. All of this at fair and reasonable prices that ANY business can afford when becoming a QC Find Now Member.


In addition to this…we are continuing to grow our team of designers to help with any business identity graphic needs from designing new or revamped logo, designed fliers, advertisements, online media graphics and more.

creative team
Creative Team

We are also working on putting a team together to specifically help get you further online by helping you create and sustain your online Social Media profiles. We will even have a team dedicated in creating or designing an affordable website. We hope that you can genuienly see how we are here to help you start and grow your business online.


You could also be stating, “well I already have all of this…the website, the social media profiles and the advertising…do I really need another online profile?”


What if I told you that our goal is to also expand the local businesses that already have a footing here by doing regular advertising on your behalf. Being that we have local businesses on one single platform, every time we advertise, the local businesses that work with us, will benefit from our paid advertising. As you can see it’s a chain reaction that all our members will gain from. (You can think of it as free paid advertising for you.)


Again our primary goal is to get locals to know and connect with you on a greater level so our services are not only perfect for the self-starter but just as beneficial to the well known and better established businesses that are wanting to reach out to their local community as a whole.

Easy and Simple Online Profile
Easy and Simple Online Profile

As you can see, QC Find Now is that perfect starting point to get you online quickly and easily. As long as you have your content in hand, you can literally be online in matter of minutes, all on your own by simply filling out an online form that gives you 24/7 access to be updated any time and as often as you please. However, if you prefer to not to be the one doing the setting up, we have you covered there as well with very affordable setup fee and even for free depending on the membership plan you choose. It’s all in your control. We offer top notch customer service and a great team of representatives to sit down with you, on a one on one basis, if you’d like to go over your options in more detail. We support our cause because our team is made up of the very locals that live right here along with you.


Feel free to call or email us to setup a time so we can talk further about your needs to grow your business locally and online.


We are here for you & Look forward to the opportunity to be working with you!